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Frequent Asked Questions

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA or Cost-per-Action is an online advertising scheme, based on the scheme of the advertiser paying only whenever a specific Action is performed (Lidango gives the choice of offers: Pay-per-Click, Pay-per-Lead, Pay-per-Mile and Pay-per-Sale). The affiliate receives commission on the Price-per-Action as part of the affiliate marketing scheme.

What is a Publisher?

A Publisher, also known as an affiliate, is any owner of online media where an advertisement can be placed and viewed by consumers. They can be website owners, newsletter publishers, search engine marketers etc. An important factor to become an affiliate is the specific online media to generate significant website traffic.

What is an Advertiser?

An Advertiser, also known as a merchant, is a company that sells a product or service online and is realizing an online advertising campaign. Publishers promote an advertiser's product or service by placing the advertisement on their own websites, e-mail campaigns and search listings in exchange for a commission.

What is Lidango role in the affiliate network scheme?

Lidango links Advertisers with Publishers to make business grow via its Publisher platform. Advertisers post ads on the network and the Publishers choose and post ads they consider appropriate to promote. Lidango's Publisher network gives Advertisers maximum targeted exposure and Publishers higher payouts.

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