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Lidango Inc. Presents LOptimizer -  Landing Page & Conversion Funnel Optimization Platform for Web and Mobile Advertising

The New Optimization Tool Increases Conversion Rates Up to 200%

London , 8 April 2010 – Lidango Inc., the lead generation online marketing network, presented LOptimizer – the latest optimization platform for publishers, combining pre-click information with post-click and post-conversion data for complete value-chain optimization. The new industry-leading tool automatically matches the right landing page to the right traffic, increasing tremendously conversion rates up to 200%.

"LOptimizer is a breakthrough platform that allows us deliver even better results to our partners. It will bring advertisers return of investment, higher than ever before. LOptimizer is perfect for large-scale, high volume campaigns, using a lot of landing pages. In the same time, it significantly facilitates publishers' work, helping their choice of advertisers to promote on their websites.", said Mr. Tommy Johnson, Lidango Inc. CEO.

LOptimizer's technology leverages pre-click information to maximize post-click performance for both Display and Search campaigns. Based on the analysis of every click, the platform serves up the most conversionable landing page, delivering the optimal combination of user, landing page and conversion funnel to reach extremely high conversion rates. Therefore, the quality of online marketing service in terms of reaching the target audience of each advertisement, significantly increases. LOptimizer uses post-conversion data to improve conversion value and to further increase campaign return of investment for advertisers. The platform is very easy to integrate, requiring only a re-direct URL.

About Lidango Inc.

Lidango Inc. was established in 2005 as an affiliate marketing network, spanning worldwide partnerships. It is now one of the leaders and most active innovators in the field of performance-based marketing, continuously expanding its business to new markets. A team of 40 experienced online marketers is conducting Lidango global advertising campaigns.

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